Extremes in the Carlsbad CA Real Estate Market 2016 and Current Listings

Carlsbad Market Report April 2022

I find it interesting to look at the extremes in the Carlsbad housing market for single family detached homes, both in terms of what SOLD as well as what’s currently on the market.

Here’s what I found, looking at sales in 2016 as well as the current listings as of January 9, 2017, and some questions that just sorta got me going. Even a busy Carlsbad Realtor thinks about this stuff:

The range of pricing, especially on the beach as compared to inland?

Why does someone want a home that large or that small?

Why is a home not selling and sitting on the market for so long, especially in a seller’s market?

Most Expensive Sale in 2016 – $3,400,000 for a 9,728 SF home in the Aviara area – this property was also the largest home sold in 2016. Did you know that roughly 1/3 of the Carlsbad homes sold for over $1 million in 2016?

Most Expensive Listing on the Market 2017 – $15,950,000 for an oceanfront beauty near the village. It’s truly a unique and stunning home.

Largest Home on the Market – 9,358 SF priced from $3,999,000 – $4,499,000 in Highland Avenue

Least Expensive Sale in 2016 – $406,000 for a 1,165 SF 1/1 home. But the price on this home, while low for our area, is well above the average price of a single family detached home nationally.

Least Expensive Listing on the Market – $585,000 for a 1,764 SF 3/3 home, not a short sale. Same point as I just made.

Smallest Home Sold in 2016 was a 650 SF 1/1 home close to the beach for $1,200,000 ($1846/SF). That’s where you see the cost of property near the beaches!

Smallest home on the Market – 876 SF 3/2 listed for $649,000 to $699,000

Longest Time on Market – 622 days for a home that was sold in 2016 but 302 days for active listings

Oldest Home sold was built in 1922 – a Village Colonial selling for $1,385,000. It’s always interesting what is considered OLD in housing in our area, considered the ages of homes where I lived in Boston  – 200 years was old!.

Oldest Home on the Market – 1946, also the least expensive home at $585,000.

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