Draft Parking Plan for Carlsbad Available for Review

Many Carlsbad residents, I suspect, are aware of the parking plan under development by the City for the Village, the adjacent residential area known as the Barrio, Carlsbad’s earliest neighborhoods, and the beach area in hopes of: better managing existing parking; making parking more convenient for visitors, residents and employees; supporting future parking needs and providing more opportunities that make sense where and when needed.

Sometimes parking is not all that bad, while at peak times – weekends, summers – it can be a real challenge.

You can review the current plan and appendices on the City of Carlsbad website. The plan looks at all the current available parking (on street, off street, NCDT parking), current and project usage and needs, and short term (by 2020), mid term (by 2025) and long term (2035) plans they propose implementing to support the City’s overall parking system, which includes looking at a variety of paid parking methods such as Smart Meters. Parking is currently free in Carlsbad Village.

You can also review the appendices that include 3 technical memos covering the parking study methodology, peer reviews, and future parking scenarios.

The Parking Park is quite lengthy and complex, and the community may provide comments at the July 19 Planning Commission meeting or by contacting Associate Planner at pam.drew@carlsbadca.gov or 760-602-4644.

It will be interesting to see what changes are made, especially if there is more parking provided where needed.