Don’t Let Zillow Lead You Astray and Make the Wrong Decision

Oceanside Market Report

No doubt Zillow is a very popular site in the real estate world, especially with consumers.

There is a ton of information there about recent sales, what’s for sale, communities, and more. It’s easy to use AND it’s FREE.

But like many sources of information, Zillow can lead you astray with incorrect information. It’s just the reality of how Zillow gets its information. So as long as you understand that, and don’t rely on Zillow to make your home buying or selling decisions, you’ll be fine.

Lots of buyers and sellers check out Zestimates, those “estimates” of value if they are thinking about selling, or when they are buying.

Problem is, those Zestimates are often wrong (by thousands of dollars!!!) and making a decision to list your home at a certain price because of Zillow, OR making an offer based on a Zestimate, could cause you to make a decision you will regret.

Here’s a more in-depth look at this issue with some real data in Carlsbad: CARLSBAD BUYERS AND SELLERS, DO NOT RELY ON ZILLOW TO MAKE DECISIONS