Do We Have 3 Californias in Our Future?

You have probably already heard about this on the news, but in case not…read on about a proposal to split up California.

There is an initiative, “CAL 3,” that’s been launched and financed by billionaire venture capitalist Timothy Draper proposing the California government be split into 3 separate entities – the names for the new “states” would be Southern California, California, and Northern California, or other names that would supposedly be chosen by the residents. Ultimately the split into 3 states would require approval by Congress if it were approved by voters.

There is a good article in the Carlsbad Patch, if you have any interest.

There have been other proposals for splitting up California in various ways.  One group is proposing a 2-way split, and Draper himself had previously proposed 6 “states” in his 2014 initiative. So far those proposals have not gone anywhere.

In doing some research I found that there have been suggestions about splitting California in a variety of ways for many years, basically since California was formed. There have been efforts by a collection of counties proposing a 51st state, New California, formed by seceding from the rest of the state!

And Calexit proponents want a full secession from the US to form a new independent country. This is similar to what has been proposed in Texas.

Draper allegedly has well over the number of required signatures to get the measure on the ballot in November. Registered voter signatures on this initiative still need to be verified by the Secretary of State.

So what do you think? Will this proposal become something formal on our November ballot? Do you think voters will go for creating 3 Californias? And will Congress approve it?!