Decisions to Make When Listing Your Carlsbad Home

You have lots of decisions to make when considering listing your CARLSBAD HOME FOR SALE.

Price is a big one, of course, but so making a decision about the agent to hire for the job.

The California Residential Listing Agreement (we call it the RLA) has a number of DECISION POINTS, some easier than others.  Here are the items you will need to think about:


Start date and length of contract – you should expect at least 3 months but more likely 6, so discuss this with the person you are hiring

List Price – this is your decision but it should be made prudently, based on a thorough analysis of the current local market conditions, past sales, competition, and more, and NOT on what you need to buy another home or what your neighbor’s house sold for a year ago)

Items to be included in the sale – fixtures (items attached to the walls for example) would normally stay and do not have to be noted but this could include appliances, a portable hot tub etc.

Items to be excluded – if there are specific items you want to take with you that might normally be left, these should be noted (e.g., a chandelier)

Compensation to be paid to the Broker – this is always negotiable and your agent, or prospective agent should discuss this with you. The contract also spells out what amount is to be paid to the selling broker (who brings the buyer)

Presentation of offers – you will be asked to initial your understanding that the Broker must present all offers received for the property unless you issues specific written instructions to the contrary

Use of a Lockbox – you will be asked to opt out if you do not want your listing to have a lockbox

Photographs and Internet Advertising – You grant the agent permission to take interior and exterior photographs, etc. to use in marketing unless you opt out

Signage – you grant permission to use a sign unless you opt out. Some communities and HOAs prohibit For Sale signs or restrict them in some way (e.g., location on the property, size) so make sure you and your agent are in compliance


The more you know in advance, the better prepared you will be to ask the right questions and make an informed decision about listing your Carlsbad home. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please give me a call at 760-840-1360.