Daylight Saving Time Change & Happy Halloween 2020

Purple Halloween Monster

We have 2 exciting things happening this weekend.

First, tonight is Halloween, and while it may be different in some areas due to the pandemic I bet there will be trick or treaters out and about, and some private parties. I’ve seen a number of “safe” trick or treating events advertised in our area.

There certainly are plenty of decorations in our small neighborhood – here is our neighbor’s (it lights up at night and moves its head from side to side – our grandkids loved the photo and video I shared).

Purple Halloween Monster

Also, in case you forgot, Daylight Saving Time ends tonight (well, at 2:00 AM Sunday November 1). I can’t believe it’s happening again. It always takes so long for me to get used to it getting dark is much earlier. How about you?

Our cats don’t adjust well, either, and it goofs up their normal feeding time!

If you happen to have any clocks that don’t change automatically – stove, microwave – don’t forget to change them.