DAY 59 – Check Out PRONTOS’ GOURMET MARKET in Carlsbad

PRONTOS’ GOURMET MARKET in Carlsbad Village is worth a visit, either to shop or haveĀ  lunch, or both.

Given the crowds that hang out, especially at lunchtime, you know this is a place worth visiting. During lunchtime you can expect to wait in line to order your fresh-made sandwich, or you can grad something pre-made. There is ample outdoor seating (none inside) so you can enjoy being outdoors and watching the world go by.

PRONTOS’ GOURMET MARKET offers a big selection of fresh made (frozen) pasta, raviolis and gnocchi, a great selection of desserts, a small but select grouping of wines by the bottle, gourmet dinners to go, fresh breads and pastries, and an ambitious catering menu. They are only open during the weekdays, unfortunately.


2812 Roosevelt Street, Carlsbad, CA