DAY 53 – Build your OWN Stone Sculpture on the beach in Cardiff-by-the-Sea

Lots of folks do it. And you can too!

Why not BUILD YOUR OWN STONE SCULPTURE on the beach in Cardiff.

Turns out the Cardiff beach is a great place for stone sculptures, because, well, there are lots of great stones to build sculptures with.

And lots of people build them.

They don’t always last long, either because the wind knocks them over, or some visitor to the beach decides to demolish them. But on any given day you are likely to see a whole slew of stone sculptures at the south end of Cardiff State Beach close to the road.

I have built several, and of course took photos to memorialize since they don’t last. If you can balance a few stones, you can become a beach stone sculpture amateur Michelangelo.

Follow the coast road south from Cardiff and park on the beach side just past Restaurant Row. Walk a but further south past the cars and pick your perfect spot to begin sculpting!