DAY 44 – Take a Trip Across the Pond to Bit O’ Britain in Carlsbad CLOSED

Sadly, this place is now closed, but this is what it was all about.

Miss the U.K.?

Fancy a trip to London?

Or perhaps you’d just like to experience a wee bit of flavor of the U.K.?

Why not take a trip across the pond to BIT O’ BRITAIN in downtown Carlsbad. You’ll have a jolly good time.

BIT O’ BRITAIN has been in business 10 years or so and 98% of their products are authentic from the U.K. The rest come from local British artists and such.

Need come crumpets or pasties?

A bit of tea?

How about some frozen bangers for bangers and mash?

You’ll find all sorts of teas, biscuits, frozen goods, canned British products, candies, collectibles, jewelry and so much more. You’ll have a blast!!


2860 State Street

Carlsbad, CA  92008