DAY 40 – Pick Carlsbad Strawberries at the Strawberry Fields

It’s the peak of Carlsbad’s strawberry season, so head on over to the famous CARLSBAD STRAWBERRY FIELDS on Cannon Road just off the 5 freeway to either pick your own, or buy a few quarts if you are lazy.

Strawberries are plentiful so it won’t take long to pick more than enough to last for a few days, and they are so much better than what you will often see in the stores (unless they have CARLSBAD STRAWBERRIES).

The CARLSBAD STRAWBERRY FIELDS are at the end of Car Country on Cannon Road, just a few yards East of the 5 Freeway – you can’t miss it.

The fields are owned adn managed by the CARLSBAD STRAWBERRY COMPANY who has been farming strawberries in the area way before the freeway was even built.