DAY 39 – Check out Good Morning Treasures in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA

GOOD MORNING TREASURES in Cardiff-by-the-Sea is an amazing store.

While the shop is relatively small by many standards, you will be overwhelmed by the collection of “treasures” found within these 4 walls, filled to the brim from floor to ceiling.

Owner Darreld Kitaen has assembled an incredible collection of souvenirs, jewelry, shirts, postcards, arts, crafts, stickers, decals, license plate holders, and so much more. With 30 years or so at this location, Darreld knows a ton of locals, and lots of history about the Cardiff area. So in addition to great stuff to peruse, and buy, you will enjoy a great conversation.

With the variety of goodies you’ll find, GOOD MORNING TREASURES is sure to please no matter what the occasion you are shopping for.

GOOD MORNING TREASURES is a great way to start your day, or for a visit anytime.

Watch the VIDEO from a visit there some time ago.


126 Aberdeen Avenue

Cardiff by the Sea, CA

(760) 436-5469