DAY 31 – Get Your Dessert On at Elizabethan Desserts in Encinitas

I am a dessert fan, big time. Chocolate in particular. ELIZABETHAN DESSERTS in Encinitas fits the bill perfectly.

ELIZABETHAN DESSERTS is a bit of an anomaly, being located at Sunshine Gardens Nursery at the intersection of Encinitas Boulevard and Quail Garden Drive.

But think of it this way – you can go shop for flowers for your yard AND buy something delectable at ELIZABETHAN DESSERTS. And having personally sampled many of owner Elizabeth Harris’s goodies, I can tell you they ARE delectable. She keeps creating new things, so I keep sampling them.

My faves are the lemon squares, the red velvet cupcakes (to die for), and the magic bars. Oh, and then the…

ELIZABETHAN DESSERTS is a terrific place to just stop by and grab a treat, or take something home for after dinner. Better yet, order something for a special holiday or celebration (her pies are amazing – Thanksgiving??).

But be sure to order in plenty of time (4-5 days notice), and be aware that this place had gotten VERY popular in the few years it has been there and they run out of things. MAJOR disappointment when you walk in craving a magic bar and they are GONE!  And you may have to wait a few minutes.


Quail Garden Drive

Encinitas, CA

(760) 230-6780

Tuesday through Saturday 10 am until 5 pm