DAY 29 – Get Your Glasses and Jewelry Fixed at Hot Shots

HOTS SHOTS is a great place to know about in downtown Carlsbad Village.

Need those special eyeglasses repaired, and quickly?  You know those aggravating things that can;t be fixed with a little screwdriver or a piece of scotch tape?

You can walk right into HOT SHOTS and if the  owner is not backed up with other clients, gets your eye glasses fixed in a jiffy. But even if you have to wait it likely won’t take long.

They claim that just about any two pieces of metal can be repaired (they fixed my damaged glasses without a problem after I stepped on them). I believe it.

Next time you need a little repair – earrings, eye glasses, necklaces, stop in at HOT SHOTS.

They are located at 690 Carlsbad Village Drive, Suite 102 and can be reached at (866) FIX-EYES (394-3937).