DAY 18 – Visit the California Surf Museum in Oceanside

The CALIFORNIA SURF MUSEUM in Oceanside is a wonderful journey back in time, at least as far as surfing is concerned.

The CALIFORNIA SURF MUSEUM takes you back to the early years of surfing, with numerous displays of surf boards, photos, paintings, books, clothing and other surfing memorabilia and traces the surfing culture, music (think Beachboys, as one example), events and people to current times.

Surfing has been, and continues to be,  such a large part of the California lifestyle.

And whether you are a surfing enthusiast or not you will enjoy this wonderful museum and its extensive collection, on Oceanside’s downtown area near the Oceanside Pier. There are special exhibits throughout the year to enjoy

Then when you’re done stroll a couple of blocks and watch the surfers from the Oceanside Pier.

The Museum is open daily from 10 until 4, staying open on Thursdays until 8 pm. Admission is $3 for adults or become a California Surf Museum member.

California Surf Museum

312 Pier View Way

Oceanside, CA