DAY 14 – Need Mineral Water? A Massage? Visit Alt Karlsbad in Carlsbad Village

In 1882 John Frazier, a sea captain, was digging a well on his farm near the ocean (which is, today, much of the downtown Carlsbad Village area) and discovered the n mineral springs hundreds of feet below ground. This mineral water is similar to the mineral springs at a famous European spa called Karlsbad in Bohemia (the modern day Czech Republic) which gives Carlsbad its name.

While the building looks old, Alt Karlsbad was actually built in the 1960s. It does, however, remind you of buildings hundreds of years old in Europe in contrast to the newer architecture of Carlsbad Village. Mineral springs have been known for years for their health benefits, and today you can still enjoy the feeling of warmth and well-being, the increased blood circulation, and tension relief associated with mineral baths at Alt Karlsbad.

Purchase your water (bring your own container) outside from the kiosk, or have it delivered to your home.

Inside, there are 3 dramatic rooms (Egyptian Cleopatra, Roman Caesar, and Exotic Oriental) where you can take a mineral bath and enjoy a personal 1-hour massage. Other services include mud facials, herbal wraps and aromatherapy, with several spa packages to enjoy; prices are reasonable, with a 1-hour massage priced at $69.