Changes in Real Estate – Masks, Paperwork and More, Coming June 15th

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You have likely heard that things are going to change on June 15th here in California, with the economy opening up and restrictions going away, with limited exceptions.

I wanted to share what we understand will be happening in our real estate practices, from communication by the California Association of Realtors®. No doubt things are still subject to change, and local jurisdictions (cities and counties) can implement their own restrictions. But I suspect many areas will operate in synchrony with the state’s rules unless there are compelling reasons not to.


If you have been looking at homes in Carlsbad or nearby you will have completed one of these forms (the Property Entry Advisory and Declaration) for the homes you were planning to tour. The purpose of the form, implemented in 2020, is to acknowledge you understand the COVID risks of exposure when touring properties, and to make your own declaration about not knowingly being exposed to someone with COVID within the last 14 days, not having COVID symptoms yourself, and so on.

These forms have been required in advance for anyone entering a property (e.g., buyer agents, buyers, those accompanying buyers, appraisers, inspectors, listing agents), often accompanied by pre-approval letters when requested, and were just recently modified. However, the PEAD forms will no longer be required after June 15th nor will other sign-in forms for open houses.


Masks have been required of anyone entering a seller’s property for a long time.  After June 15th masks will still be required indoors unless everyone in the group is fully vaccinated (see the California Department of Public Health announcement about face coverings). So masks need not be worn at individual showings if everyone is fully vaccinated; but of course one can still choose to do so.


These are now allowed – a recent change – and we are seeing some of them. After June 15th the limitations regarding indoor capacity will no longer apply. However, my understanding is that masks will be necessary, since if 1 person is at the open house and not fully vaccinated – and who would know – then everyone must be masked.


This is another restriction that will be going away. It’s pretty easy to maintain if one chooses at individual showings, but will be much more complicated at open houses if it’s important to you personally. Given the current market conditions and buyer demand, I would expect open houses to be fairly crowded. Time will tell if sellers and their agents place any of their own limitations on capacity, or other rules of entry.


Since last year sellers and their listing agents have been required to have a standard set of posted rules of entry clearly visible for all showings. These rules will no long be required, although sellers can have their own stated rules if they wish. Sellers could also require masks, if they wish.

Other changes could occur after June 15th  and if so I will update.

In the meantime, if you are thinking of buying and/or selling, let’s talk real estate. Please call or text me at (760) 840-1360 if I can answer any questions, provide guidance about market value of your home, update you on the local housing market conditions, share recommendations for lenders for pre-approvals and loans, or anything else!