Carlsbad Sunset Views 1/26/2022

I really enjoy taking photos of Sunset Views, and occasionally videos. Who doesn’t enjoy watching a beautiful sunset, no matter where you are. I know I do.

The winter sunsets seem to be some of the best, especially with clouds that add to the visual interest. Imagine living on these hills in Carlsbad and enjoying these view?!

Do you have any favorite places to sunset watch in Carlsbad? Here’s an article I wrote years ago about the best places to sunset watch in Carlsbad, and nearby.

I like them along the Coast Road where you can really see the sun dip below the horizon…and hope to see that green flash! Lots of other people do as well. There are always a good number of people walking, sitting or in their cars with cameras poised for special views.

In my opinion taking time from a busy day to enjoy a sunset is a good thing to do…to relax and enjoy, by yourself or with others. Life is too short to not enjoy what nature has in store each and every day.

Carlsbad Sunset Views