Carlsbad Schools Start Tomorrow – Watch Out!

Tomorrow, Wednesday August 28th, is the first day back to school in Carlsbad.

No doubt there are many who are pleased, and others who might not be so happy (you know who you are!). So where did that summer go!?

It’s hard to believe school is starting and the Labor Day Weekend is here. We always started school the day after Labor Day when I was a kid, but times have changed. And some areas started well before Carlsbad!

The important point is to be extra careful starting tomorrow with dramatically new traffic patterns around the schools – more cars near the schools picking up and dropping off kids, and lots of kids and parents walking to and from school. Some of the drivers and walkers will be new to the school and perhaps not used to the traffic and street parking (and it can get crazy!!)

No doubt many will be focused on getting to school, finding parking if they are driving, and getting used to a new schedule, so be especially careful if you are driving in the area. Not everyone may be paying close attention to what they are doing.

And don’t get impatient if you get stuck in traffic that slows you down. Plan accordingly if you are leaving for work around drop-off time or avoid the area completely if you can.

Please pay close attention to the crossing guards who are there to help make sure kids are safe!

And if there are buses around – they are kinda rare in our area – be sure to obey the laws about keeping a distance, not passing when they are stopped with lights flashing, and so on.