Carlsbad Parking Enforcement Begins June 25, 2020

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Carlsbad Village, and other areas of Carlsbad, have a fair amount of parking, on the streets and in multiple parking lots, although on a busy summer weekend, when there is a special event like the Carlsbad Marathon, or on a holiday it might not feel that way.

The wonderful thing about our parking, so far, is that for the most part it’s free. I’ve heard some rumors in the past that this issue was being looked at but haven’t heard anything more on the subject. There is mention on the City of Carlsbad website about a municipal code limiting parking in the same spot – on a street or public place – for more than 72 hours. News to me and I don’t know if it has been enforced, especially during the pandemic.

According to a email from the Carlsbad Village Association the City of Carlsbad is going to start enforcing the parking signage limits beginning June 25th (you may not have noticed but there are signs on some streets limiting parking to 3 hours).

The City believes enforcing the municipal code regarding parking limits, where posted, will provide better access to businesses for those wanting to frequent Carlsbad’s retailers, services and restaurants.

There are public parking lots in Carlsbad Village without parking limits and a number of streets where there is no time limit for long-term parking…other than the municipal code mentioned above about 72 hours being the time limit for parking in the same spot.

Wonder what those parking tickets are going to cost?!