Carlsbad Homebuyers – Are YOU Using Buyer Protection – Part 2?

The market is getting increasingly competitive and having a good strategy as a buyer in Carlsbad is essential to reach your goals.

One KEY STRATEGY is using BUYER PROTECTION…having YOUR own buyer representative to help you through the complete process from identifying the home you want to buy until you close.

In Part 2 of this Google+ Hangout, BRYAN ROBERTSON (Los Altos, CA), LORI CAIN (Tulsa, OK), RICH CEDERBERG (Albuquerque, NM) and I talk about the value of using a BUYER BROKER, in particular the benefits of having someone help you with understanding property and seller disclosures, working through the issues associated with inspections and repairs, and reasons why it is not in your best interest to just call the Listing Agent instead of having your OWN BUYER REPRESENTATIVE.

NEW NOTE – 2019 – Since Google+ is no longer active these videos are not available.)

If you missed BUYER PROTECTION Part 1, CLICK THE LINK to read more about having a BUYER AGENT…someone who is YOUR coach and guide, someone to help you through the home search process, and a person who will look out for YOUR best interests in the negotiation portion of the process which can get very emotional.

If I can answer any questions about Buyer Protection and using a Buyer Agent, please contact me at (760) 840-1360.