Carlsbad Brush Fire 6/25/2022

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There was a Brush Fire very close to Carlsbad Village yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon was a scary time, especially for some Carlsbad residents. The reason? A brush fire broke out at the Buena Vista Lagoon just north of Carlsbad Village.

Around 1:00 pm at our house we noticed what appeared to be a marine layer moving in. However, it was clearly smoke and with ash floating around. I wasn’t able to find anything immediately online.

Furthermore, there were no emergency alerts on my phone. We were concerned, of course, as there was clearly a fire burning nearby to the west.

The brush fire burned about 10-acres just north of Carlsbad Village (by the rotary on the Coast Road).  Thus, it also threatened a residential area bordering the lagoon.

Here’s a video from CBS-8 San Diego on YouTube.

There were a number of evacuations given the proximity to homes, plus several closed roads. Thankfully, no injuries were reported and no structures were damaged.

Many thanks are due the Carlsbad Fire Department, the Carlsbad Police Department, and other services that assisted. It’s pretty scary to have a fire so close to a residential area and the Village.

An online report I saw this morning said a 59-year Carlsbad man has been arrested for suspected arson.