Carlsbad Art in the Village 2024

Art in Carlsbad

No doubt art lovers in Carlsbad are glad the 26th annual Art in the Village Fair will be here soon, shortly after the start of summer.

This popular fine art event will showcase over 100 local and regional artists on Sunday June 23rd. The fair runs from 9 am until 5 pm and is free to attend. Art in the Village booths are located along State Street and Grand Avenue in the heart of downtown.

Art in the Village is sponsored by the Carlsbad Village Association, and there will be new as well as returning artists. Artist selection is by jury so you will find high quality. All artwork is handcrafted and unique, not factory production. You can also talk with the artists in their booths about their creations and inspiration.

Carlsbad is known for its 1-day art fairs and there are 4 major ones each year. Whether you are an art lover and collector or not, strolling Village streets to enjoy beautiful art and live music on a summer Sunday is enjoyable. And it’s fun to browse even if nothing says to you “buy me!”


The 2024 Art in the Village will feature artwork from 130 local and regional artists. In addition, you’ll also enjoy interactive art (e.g., pottery, sculpture) and live music performances.

Be sure to visit the Carlsbad Village Association Food, Wine and Beer Garden with popular local vendors.

The City of Carlsbad will host a Pop-up Art Booth for art enthusiasts of all ages to create their own masterpieces. Trained instructors will be available to assist as needed.

Carlsbad Village Street Faire

If past art fairs are any indication, you’ll experience an impressive range of art. Contemporary and classical sculpture, ceramics and pottery, digital art, photography, jewelry, paintings (watercolors, oils, acrylics, mixed media), wood creations, metalwork, glasswork, and more will be on display.

Be sure to bring along your credit cards and/or cash so you can have fun if something grabs your attention.


Late June weather is usually pretty nice and a great time to enjoy being outdoors and the beach. Carlsbad Village art fairs are usually pretty crowded, so expect some parking challenges. The good news is that Carlsbad parking is free. But consider your travel time accordingly, plus you may need to walk a distance.

The Coaster Commuter Rail Station is 1 block away if you prefer public transaction to avoid parking issues or are coming from a distance.

There will be a free bike valet service, too, for those who wish to ride their bikes and store them in a safe place while enjoying the art fair. The valet facility is staffed for drop off and pick up.

If you tire of exploring the fair, there are plenty of retailers in the downtown area to visit. There are multiple dining options, wine bars and coffee shops in the Village to enjoy, too. Plus the beautiful Carlsbad beaches are 2 blocks away for a stroll before or after the art fair.