Buyers & Sellers – Will You Be Traveling?

Real Estate Terminology

No I am not inquiring about your travel plans for the upcoming holidays, although you may be planning travel for one reason or another.

But IF you are planning to buy a new home, and/or sell one, the question about travel IS an important one.

Today’s technology is pretty sophisticated and allows us to stay in touch via email, texts, and calls from many parts of the world…something we could not do so readily a number of years ago. True enough, there are places you can travel here in the US where you can’t get cell service. But overall, if you really need to want to be in touch it possible more often than not although there may be some challenges with WIFI that’s down, power outages and storms.

Buying and selling a house takes a ton of work, with a myriad of tasks that must be accomplished, and multiple people who are involved – your buyer or listing agent, possibly a lender, the title and escrow company (depending on the practices in the local area or state), the agent on the other side, and so one. Ongoing and prompt communication is key, especially when you are in the midst of a transaction and there are key contract dates to be aware of – missing them, either as the buyer OR seller, could put your transaction at risk.

It’s critical to let your agent know if you are going to be traveling and when, especially internationally (keep those time differences in mind as some can be significant, like traveling in Asia or Australia!), or if you might otherwise have periods of time when you are not available. This is even more important if you are unsure what the communication will be like when you are away from home.

It’s easy to take technology for granted, but when you are without it that is not a nice picture if there are key decisions to be made, information to be provided to your agent or lender, documents that are needed, questions that must be answered, or due dates in the contract to be met.

What happens, for example, if you get a great offer on your listing but find the buyer now is not available for negotiations.

Or as a buyer you submit an offer on a home you love, only to learn from your agent that the seller just left on a tour of Antarctica.

Your agent likely will ask you about your availability. But I’d recommend bringing it up for discussion so all parties are aware and can plan accordingly for any communication delays…and that includes letting your lender know.

And knowing that your agent or your lender will be traveling is important to! What are the plans while they are absent if communication is needed – you have questions or need information? Do they have coverage or will be they be available via text, email or call.

Unfortunately some people are just not the best communicators during real estate transactions, even when they are around. Some people are really tethered to their smartphones – and thus texting or emailing – while others are not. Be the best communicator you can be when you are buying or selling. It can make a huge difference.

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