Buyers and Sellers – Are You Relying in Zillow? I wouldn’t, and Here’s Why

There is a wealth of information on the Internet, but just because it’s there in writing DOES NOT mean it is accurate.

As a buyer or seller, if you are relying on Zillow, I wouldn’t, and here’s why.

If you want to make a sound buying or selling decision you need to have accurate information about what is going on in the local market with prices and inventory. While Zillow provides “zestimates” of what a particular home or condo is worth, these estimates are often very wrong…sometimes by tens of thousands of dollars, or more.

This is not to say you shouldn’t consider the information you find there, but it’s important to understand how wrong it can be, and making a decision to buy or sell on these data can lead you far astray.

You might make an offer that is too low and not get the house you want.

Or you might end up listing your home for sale for far more than it’s worth (a good agent who KNOWS the numbers will not agree to take that kind of listing!) and you home won’t sell.

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