Are YOU a Prepared Buyer?

If you are truly serious about buying a home, you’d better BE PREPARED. Here’s what you should keep in mind

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GET PRE-APPROVED or HAVE CASH with proof of funds

KNOW YOUR BUDGET (not just what the bank will loan). Be able to set a max and stick to it

KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. You can’t find it if you don’t know

DO YOUR RESEARCH on-line and get to know what the market is doing

ASK GOOD QUESTIONS of your REALTOR. Realize you don’t know it all and get clarification where needed.

BE DECISIVE and MAKE DECISIONS. If you are wishy washy, you will lose, or perhaps you aren’t really serious

BE ORGANIZED. Keep paperwork in order, and bring a clipboard, camera, measuring tape, etc. to home tours

RESPOND QUICKLY, with answer to questions, asking questions, signing documents, and making decisions. Your home buying IS a priority, isn’t it? Work with your REALTOR to meet deadlines and keep things moving.

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Being a PREPARED BUYER will make your experience so much better. And you are more likely to achieve your goals with less frustration.