8 Tips for Your Relocation (Part 3 of a 3-Part Series)

In this last article in the series on RELOCATION TIPS we talk about 3 important issues – (1) flexibility; (2) financial issues; and (3) lifestyle changes

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A big key to a successful RELOCATION is being flexible. While that’s true of a any real estate transaction, it’s even more critical for moving a significant distance where so many things can do awry and contingency plans are essential. What happens if your moving van is going to be a day or so late? Or early?

Financially, a relocation can end up costing more money than you think if you need to use temporary living arrangements, or are traveling by car to your new home – hotel, gas, food, etc. Other costs can crop up, too, when you are moving to a new area that you don’t know well.

I often find that those who move here from another part of the country are surprised at some of the lifestyle changes – usually in a good way. But things are different – weather,  food, traffic, gas, and more – and it takes time to figure it all out and get used to a new lifestyle. Give yourself some time!!