8 Things Sellers Should Expect from Their Listing Agent (Part 1)

No doubt as a seller you have some expectations about the listing agent you hire to market your home, sell it, and guide you through the transaction from start to finish. There are some important things to know about how to sell a house – here’s what you should expect, and deserve, from your agent.


The Listing Agent is there to represent your interest, and, specifically, to act with “a fiduciary duty of utmost care, integrity, honesty and loyalty in dealings with the Seller” (from the California Agency document). Sound simple? Perhaps in theory but sometimes in practice it might not be. Your interests come first.

Reliable & Accurate Information about the Local Housing Market:

You might think you know all about the local market conditions and what this means, but it’s pretty likely you don’t. Your agent is in the marketplace day in and day out and should understand the specific conditions that impact pricing of your home, its desirability, the competition, and more. And of course your agent knows the factors that impact the market value of your home….bear in mind Zillow’s zestimates should NOT be relied on for any decision making.

The Truth, not Only What You Want or Hope to Hear:

You may not like it, but you deserve to know the truth about the market, your house, the value of your home,  any concerns about the condition, and related matters. Of course you want results, not a promise to get a sales price that is not realistic. Sadly there are some agents who will buy a listing, promising a certain price that is not realistic as a way of obtaining the listing. In addition to the facts about the market and your home’s value tou need honest guidance on how to best prepare your home for selling, which might include a staging consultation from another professional.

Marketing Plan:

There are many strategies to marketing a property successfully, and you should expect to see a written marketing plan so you know what your agent is going to do. It’s NOT just about putting the house in the MLS and putting a sign in the ground.

Stay tuned for Part 2 in this series where we will talk about (1) the importance of photos, (2) communication, (3) the enthusiasm and interest of your listing agent, and (4) negotiating those all important offers.

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