7 Tips for Home Buyers to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed

It’s very exciting to make an offer on a home, and then get your offer accepted. Congratulations!!

But then you might start feeling a little panicky, or overwhelmed.  That’s normal, since it’s a time filled with many different emotions, a seemingly endless To Do List, critical due dates, and a multitude of important decisions to be made. And when life is already very full, with jobs, kids, activities or whatever keeps you busy, now it feels like another full time job on top of all that!

Here are 7 things you can do to cope and get done what has to be done.

Rely on your buyer agent. It’s your agent’s job to guide you through the process, help solve problems, answer questions, keep you on track, and calm those fears and address your concerns. Don’t hesitate for a minute to email, text or call when there are questions or concerns, you’ve forgotten what was discussed, or you need some reassurance.

Keep a list of questions. Be sure to keep track since there will be lots of them and it’s impossible to remember them all if you don’t write them down or record them in some way. Often buyers feel panicky because they don’t know what to expect, need the answers to questions, or don’t know what their options are when there is a problem. Be sure to ASK, ASK, ASK! It may sound like a cliche, but there is no dumb question!

Keep a To Do List. Even if making lists is not your thing you will want to do this – perhaps use a note book, put Notes on your phone, or keep a file folder. Buyers usually feel more in control with a list to refer to. And it feels good to check off those To Do’s!

Prioritize. Focus on the priorities, not those unimportant things that will distract you. Worrying about what paint colors you want for your master bedroom and kitchen is NOT a priority. But getting all those requested documents to your lender as fast as possible IS.

Track important and essential dates. Your agent will help you keep track of the critical dates in your contract but I suggest also keeping your own calendar (hard copy or perhaps on your Smartphone), or perhaps as part of your To Do List. In addition to important contract dates you will likely have personal dates to also track during this very busy time (like the movers arriving to pack). If you miss a date this can put your transaction in jeopardy, which causes even more stress.

Stay in touch with your loan officer (if getting a mortgage). This is essential, since you won’t get the house if your loan isn’t approved, and lenders these days need lots of documentation and information. Don’t make any assumptions about where things are in the process or if your documents were received – it’s better to call or email to double-check if you don’t hear anything. Not all lenders follow-up well.

Take some time to relax, and to dream. When you are working non-stop you will likely feel even more stressed, and it’s important to take some down time. Relax, take a walk, do things that you enjoy, step away from that computer, and yes, dream about your new home and be excited about the process. Keep in mind, however, that things CAN happen. There are no guarantees until you’ve closed, but the further along you are in the process the more comfortable you will feel. So be excited about what’s happening, but be realistic, too.