7 Practical Tips for Selling Your Home

Selling your Carlsbad home is a big deal, and a lot of work. You might be surprised how much there is to do and think about, in addition to every thing else going on in your life.

Here are 7 practical tips to help keep you sane:

  1. Don’t Talk About Your Transaction on Social Media…ever.

You do not want to jeopardize your transaction by talking about it in public – you might unintentionally reveal things that you shouldn’t or that can harm your negotiations with the buyers.Keep it confidential until after you close!

  1. Check Your Email Regularly and Respond

Not everyone likes email or even uses it, but it is often an important part of the communication in a transaction, in particular for electronically signing documents. Be sure to KEEP ALL EMAILS, inbound and out as part of the record.

  1. Answer Your Phone and Respond to Phone and Text Messages Promptly

Be sure to respond in a timely manner so issues are addressed, questions are answered, and so on. And keep all your messages! But if it makes more sense, just pick up the phone and call to have a discussion rather than just replying to an email or text. I suggest adding your agent and other relevant parties to your contacts so when they call you will know who it is and can answer right away.

  1. Keep Good Notes

Keep a record of all conversations you have if not via email. A paper trail is a good thing, even if it’s not your habit.

  1. Ask Lots of Questions

It’s essential to ask questions, or ask for clarification, and don’t be embarrassed about it, even if you think you know the answer. Better to find out you knew the answer rather than not.

Keep a List or Calendar of Important Dates

Your contract has key dates that must be adhered to by you and your buyers, and you must be aware of these, and follow them. Either keep a list of important dates or mark them on your calendar (or put them in your online calendar on your smartphone), say in red ink, will help make sure you don’t miss critical dates.

  1. Keep a To Do List

A real estate transaction is not the time to test your memory skills. Keep a detailed list of things that have to get done, and any due dates. You will be amazed at the number of items on this list. A list will help keep you sane, you won’t forget key items, and checking things off your list once completed feels great!