6 Things First Time Buyers Must do in 2019 – Step 6

Home Buyer Tips and Advice

There are key things you must do in order to be successful when buying your first home. These are important also for those of you who are experienced home buyers, and home sellers thinking about selling then buying a new home.

In Part 1 we discussed the importance and value of getting a lender pre-approval for a loan.

Part 2 was about the benefits to you with working with a well-qualified Buyer Agent who can and will look out for your best interests. The listing agent can’t do that because he/she is working for the seller!!

Part 3 focused on why it’s important to know what you NEED in your new home.

In part 4 you learned about the importance of understanding the local housing market conditions and their impact on your search, pricing, offer strategy and more.

Part 5 was another important matter – understanding and preparing for the financial side of your home purchase, and after!

So here’s the final point – the importance of your attitude as a home buyer, whether you are new at it or someone with experience.


Buying a home – your first or a new home – is a big deal. Commitment to the process is key!

You must commit to:

  • Doing your research online so you can learn about the market
  • Hiring a qualified Buyer Agent you trust to guide you from start to finish
  • Having an honest and in-depth conversation with your Agent about your needs, financial situation, timing, and the market conditions that impact your search and purchase
  • Asking lots of questions, even if you feel they are silly
  • Getting yourself prepared financially – having the necessary funds for a down payment and closing costs, but also getting pre-approved
  • Spending the necessary time to look at homes and neighborhoods

Many buyers comment the house hunting process is like having a second full-time job because of the amount of time that it takes. That’s to be expected. And it’s essential to treat the process very seriously.

One caution – it’s important to be realistic. You probably are not buying your dream home with your first purchase. As a first time buyer keep in mind that you probably won’t be living in your first house forever. Expect that there will be plenty of trade-offs, and things you may not be in love with. But keep the long term goal in mind – buying your first home! And if you have been through a purchase before you no doubt already have experienced this!

Buying a home is exciting! This will be fun time, although you can expect there may also be some anxiety and nerves…that’s normal, because it’s a big deal. And that’s true even for more experienced home buyers.

Given the competition in the market, and the inventory, it may take a while to find the right home that suits your needs, lifestyle and budget. And you may be in competition a number of times before you succeed, even if you make a terrific offer. Keeping a positive attitude, even with the ups and downs will help.

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