6 Keys to a Successful Sale

Did you know…

COVER_Sellers HandbookCORRECTLY POSITIONING YOUR HOME IN THE MARKETPLACE TO SELL IS ESSENTIAL. It’s not about just the comparables, it’s about the competition!! Buyers are looking at all the competition, not just the homes that are comparable to yours. There may be 50 or more homes the buyers could consider that are in their price range. Your home should look like the best value, not help sell other homes.

A SIGNIFICANT ON-LINE PRESENCE IS NECESSARY. 90% or more of all buyers are looking online for their next home. They are looking at multiple sites in addition to brokerage and agent sites. Will they see yours? They won’t if your marketing plan does not include a substantial Internet presence.

YOU SHOULD HAVE A WRITTEN TARGETED MARKETING PLAN YOU CAN TOUCH AND FEEL. How do you really KNOW what is being done to market your home, and where to look for it? Your home needs to be where the right buyers are looking. And buyer agents need to be part of that targeted marketing, too!

YOUR FIRST OPEN HOUSE IS ONLINE. Whether you like it or not, you ARE having an open house that can be seen by hundreds or thousands of potential buyers on the Internet, within seconds of your listing going live, even before they decide to step foot in your door. Will your home be ready for prime time?

MULTIPLE PHOTOS AND VIDEO TO SHOW OFF YOUR HOME AND ENCOURAGE BUYERS TO COME TAKE A LOOK, NOT SCARE THEM AWAY. You need to know what photos of your home are on the Internet and how your property appears to buyers. Photos of toilets, front doors, and driveways with cars and trash bins will not entice buyers to explore further…but that’s often what you see on-line.

NO SABOTAGE. Unfortunately some home sales are sabotaged unknowingly by the listing agent, the homeowners, or both. This can take the form of phone calls not being returned, front doors or keys that don’t work, unreasonable or very limited showing schedules, unrealistic pricing, poor curb appeal, clutter, ugly listing photos and more. Was your home rejected by the market because of being sabotaged in some way?