2019 Carlsbad Eclectic Lawn Concert on April 28

Things to Do in Carlsbad Village

Carlsbad has a wonderful reputation as an arts community, including visual, performing and musical, and our community abounds with things to do year-round, inside as well as out!

The Carlsbad Music Festival continues with its outdoor Eclectic Lawn Concert Series in Carlsbad Village this coming Sunday, April 28 at St. Michael’s by the Sea. The concert is from 1 until 5 pm.

The concert this Sunday will feature Trouble in the Wind, Diane Gameros, Matt McBane + Build, and the Sibarg Ensemble

The final concert in this 3-concert series will be on Sunday May 19, featuring The Paragraphs, Viento Callejero, Clinton Davis, and Peter Sprague.

You can expect a fun time with some interesting music, plus a beer garden and food trucks – El Puerto Mexican and Seafood, and Bread and Cheese Catering. Be sure to bring along your blankets and low-back beach chairs, and sunscreen and hats, and money for food and drinks.

And don’t forget to add the Carlsbad Music Festival to your calendar for later this summer, on August 2, 3 and 4! Stay tuned for more information on that event.