10 Things to Expect Now That You are In Escrow

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Congratulations! We have an accepted offer on your new home in Carlsbad and escrow is now open. Here are some of the things you can expect to happen or important issues you will need to address as we move forward. (if you are not in California, keep in mind the process may vary in other jurisdictions -check with your Realtor).

This is NOT a complete list of all you should be aware of – please feel free to get in touch with me at (760) 840-1360 with any questions and for assistance with your Carlsbad home purchase.

Be aware there’s a lot to know about how to buy a home (a series of 23 short videos on my YouTube Channel)!


  1. 1.  You will need to wire your earnest money deposit (EMD) you agreed to in the contract to escrow within 3 business days. Be aware that due to increasing wire fraud your should VERIFY the wiring instructions you receive via email over the phone with the escrow company.
  2. 2.  You will receive multiple disclosures from the seller, many of which are required by state and federal law. Please review, sign/initial and date, and return to your agent. Be sure to check with your agent if there are any questions.
  3. 3.  Review and sign all escrow documents provided by escrow (e.g., statement of information, escrow instructions) and return to them promptly. Be sure to keep a copy for yourself!
  4. 4.  Arrange for home inspection as soon as possible. Your agent will need to coordinate with the seller. Of course you will want to be present for this, at least at the end so you can review the findings with the inspector. A detailed report will be provided.
  5. 5.  Arrange for any additional inspections you desire, including any recommended by the home inspector (e.g., roof, plumbing, mold, pool, electrical, HVAC). You might want to read this article about the other inspections to have when purchasing a home in Carlsbad.
  6. 6.  You will want to review the written home inspection report carefully and determine if you are going to ask for any repairs from the seller. Bear in mind the California contract states that properties are sold in present AS IS condition as of the time of acceptance unless otherwise agreed on in writing. You should discuss any concerns about condition with your agent. Keep in mind the seller has no obligation to do any repairs, even if requested; the seller may also agree to do some but not all repairs or might offer a credit in lieu of repairs.
  7. 7.  Depending on your closing date, check with your lender about whether or not to make the next month’s mortgage payment.
  8. 8.  If you are getting a mortgage you should promptly make a formal application for your loan and provide your lender with all required documents, including the signed contract and associated paperwork (the contract has a specific due date for this). While the lender will already have a fair amount of documentation from your pre-approval more information and verification will be required. Be sure to sign and return all lender documents as promptly as possible. And don’t hesitate to ask any questions about the process, and paperwork that is required. Make sure your agent has all the contact information for your lender.
  9. 9.  You will want to check with your insurance company on homeowner’s insurance for your new home. You will want to know the cost, of course, but also be aware of any past claims so you can ask the seller. There may issues that will concern an insurance provider or add to the costs of your insurance (e.g., house is in a high risk fire zone or in a flood zone). You lender will require a full year of insurance to be paid at the time of closing, with an effective date that day.
  10. 10.  Be sure to pay attention to agreed-upon contract dates (e.g., providing EMD, applying for your loan, removing contingencies). While your Realtor will help you keep on track be sure to stay in touch so you know what is due and when. You might want to read this important article – Contract Dates are There for a Reason, so Pay Attention.