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Relocating is a very emotional and complex experience for all involved – you, a spouse or partner, kids, and pets. I’ve relocated a significant distance 4 times and understand all the issues you'll have to deal with. I can help you find your new home and then make a smooth transition. Drawing on my personal and professional experiences, I know lots of ways to help make your move easier, happier and successful! Ask me!!

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What makes Carlsbad such a wonderful place to live?

Great question, with an easy answer - terrific weather year-round, great schools, a vibrant arts community, abundant shopping and dining, tons of recreational opportunities, a broad range of housing options, and certainly our 7 miles of beautiful beaches. And of course I can tell you about other nearby North San Diego County communities, too!

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Encina Power Station
May 6, 2021

New Look at the Encina Power Station in Carlsbad

The Encina Power Station along the coast in Carlsbad has a new look, in case you haven’t noticed.

Here’s a view of the station and smokestack taken in 2020 from Armada Drive above the Flower Fields.

The Encina Power Station has provided electricity to the Carlsbad region for decades but was retired on December 11, 2018, and replaced the following day by the Carlsbad Energy Center.

Demolition of the Encina Power Station began earlier this year and the iconic landmark smokestack is now history. The look along the coast has changed dramatically, and will shift again as the remainder of the old power station is torn down.

No doubt there are plenty of mixed feelings, with some perhaps relieved the will be gone while others may be nostalgic about, and how the coastline look has changed.

In order to have a more tangible memory of this landmark than photos, Carlsbad resident artist, Bryan Snyder (founder of the Carlsbad Art Wall in 2015), created a hand-crafted resin sculpture of the Encina Power Station. It’s available at his gallery and online ($30 + tax) and shipping is available. I think it’s a pretty cool idea, and I hear it’s quite popular.