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Relocating is a very emotional and complex experience for all involved – you, a spouse or partner, kids, and pets. I’ve relocated a significant distance 4 times and understand all the issues you'll have to deal with. I can help you find your new home and then make a smooth transition. Drawing on my personal and professional experiences, I know how to help make your move easier, happier and successful! Just ask me!!

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I am honored to have had the privilege to work with many wonderful buyers and sellers over the years and help them achieve their real estate goals – buying a beach house, relocating from across the country, buying a first house, selling a parent’s home. Each client and situation is unique, and I’m pleased to share some of their comments on the enjoyable, and important, work we did together so you'll have the confidence in how I can assist you!

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What makes Carlsbad such a wonderful place to live?

Great question, with an easy answer - terrific weather year-round, great schools, a vibrant arts community, abundant shopping and dining, tons of recreational opportunities, a broad range of housing options, and certainly our 7 miles of beautiful beaches. And of course I can tell you about other nearby North San Diego County communities, too!

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July 15, 2024

Summer 2024 Home Seller Guide

Are you thinking about selling your Carlsbad home, or a property elsewhere in North San Diego County? I think you’ll find this Summer 2024 Home Seller Guide helpful in your preparations.


It’s easy to get your copy of the Home Seller Guide – you can download it here – Summer 2024 Home Seller Guide. All you have to do is provide your preferred email address and the download link will be sent to you promptly.

Or, if you prefer, call/text me at (760) 840-1360 with your email address, and I will send you the Seller Guide right away. That could also be an opportunity for us to discuss your housing plans, your timing and any questions.

Are you also going to buy a new home? Check out my Summer 2024 Home Buyer Guide – you’ll find lots of useful information for home buyers, whether you are experienced or not.

You might also read Real Estate is Local to better understand why local market conditions are important to understand.


While the Summer 2024 Home Seller Guide provides plenty of information, it’s not everything you should know about how to sell a home. In addition, local market conditions keep shifting (e.g., longer time on market, more negotiations, some price reductions). Selling your home can be tough, especially when there are changes occurring.

The Summer 2024 Home Seller Guide has information you should understand before getting started with your home sale process. Furthermore, it will be helpful even if you’re an experienced home seller. The guide will answer key questions you probably have, and perhaps some you haven’t even thought about.

Summer 2024 Home Seller Guide

Here are just a few of the topics in the Summer 2024 Home Seller Guide:

Why do You Want to Move?

Current Housing Supply is a Sweet Spot for Sellers.

A Checklist for Selling Your House.


Local housing market conditions will certainly have an impact on your sale. Consequently, it’s important to understand how and why this happens. Limited inventory, rising prices, competing buyers, multiple offers, and overall buyer behavior all play a role when selling your home.

I’ll help you better understand these issues, and more, when we work together to sell your home. That way you can make informed decisions about your personal housing situation.

l will share a Comparative Market Analysis and Equity Review on your home with you. And we’ll also talk about how to get the best price, terms and conditions for your home. Plus we’ll discuss possible issues you might encounter during the sales process and options for dealing with them.


Would you like to learn more about how to sell a home? Check out my YouTube Channel for a 21-video series at Home Selling Tips and Advice.


Please contact me at (760) 840-1360 for a frank and honest discussion about your particular needs, concerns, questions, and timing. We’ll also discuss how I can help you reach your real estate goals when the timing is right for you.

Once I understand your specific needs and housing situation we can strategize how to sell your home for the best price, terms and conditions. A successful sale is much more than simply selecting a price, putting a sign in the yard, listing it in the MLS, and waiting for offers! Getting the right offer is important, however, it’s what happens during the transaction that is so critical!!

In the current market we are still seeing multiple offers on some homes, and plenty of them sell quickly. Have you thought about the issues you should consider to make the best choice for your personal situation? Have you considered the issues that are most important to you for your sale (e.g., closing time line, keeping the appliances, cash offer)? Keep in mind that it’s not just about the best price but other terms and conditions that matter, too. And each seller has different priorities, as do buyers.

Lastly, have you thought about where you will go when you sell, especially if that happens quickly? You may find this article helpful – Planning to Sell? Where Will You Go?