Why Home Sellers Must Think Like Buyers

Reasons sellers should think like buyers

It’s hard to sell a home, and even more difficult when you are a first time seller. But either way there is a ton of preparation once you have made that decision, as well as important things you MUST do during the sale.

Whether you are a first time seller or experienced, you were, first, a home buyer. I bet you have forgotten what that was like now that you are on the other side of the fence, hoping to receive a big wad of money for your home. Here’s why it’s important to think like a buyer when you are a seller.

Buyers look at your home from a different perspective than you do:

First, you want to get as much money as you can, but a buyer is looking to pay the least he or she can, and everyone is looking for a great deal.  While you may think your home is unique and thus worth a higher price, buyers will  likely see that as something costly they need to change. Buyer demand will determine what your home will sell for, not what you want or need. Think about this…would YOU buy your house for the list price?

Is your home ready for your first buyer open house…online?

Buyers expect good photos, the more the better, and they often make decisions once they view your listing online about whether they want to go see it or not. Keep in mind that your home is a public open house online. How does you house look in a photo, as opposed to real life?

Curb appeal is critical to buyers:

You may have forgotten but think about when you were a buyer driving past homes for sale and seeing some that made you say “yuck, what a mess, I would never live there.” Buyers sometimes will ignore a house if the front of the house is a unappealing and needs a lot of work. So how IS your home’s curb appeal. Why not stand out at the end of your drive or across the street and take a look, or even take a photo – what do you see? Think like a buyer.

Understand buyer behavior and what’s happening in your particular local market:

You must understand the local market conditions and the impact they will have on you, as well as on buyer behavior.

Remember that Buyers have Buyers Agents

You probably used an agent when buying YOUR home so keep in mind that most buyers these days engage the services of a buyer agent to help them. And this person is advising them about the pros and cons of your property, the pricing, and other matters. While you might feel if they want my house this is my prices. most buyers are saying if they want to sell, this is MY price.

Many sellers are also buyers:

It’s not uncommon that the roles of seller and buyer are often not exclusive. If you are selling and also want to buy but must sell your home in order to do so, you will find there are conflicts in your role as seller and buyer. It’s essential to think about what you want as a seller (price, closing date, terms and conditions) and how this will affects your wishes as a buyer?!  Your agent will be able to help you sort through all these questions, and more.

My recommendation, having been a buyer and seller simultaneously multiple times, is to think like a buyer when you are selling your home. For more tip-s and suggestions, or to discuss buying or selling in and around Carlsbad, please give me a call at (760) 840-1360.

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