The Joy of Saying Thank You

Thank you!!

Being thankful for help you have received, for a job well done, or for a small but meaningful act by someone else, and saying so, is no doubt appreciated by the recipient. Even better when accompanied by a smile.

And if feels good to the person saying thank you, too!

These days, with our lives in turmoil because of the coronavirus and the shelter-at-home requirements, there are probably loads of opportunities to say thank you, and feel the joy of doing so, every single day. Or at least when you go out in public!

Consider all those in essential jobs who are out there helping us – the pharmacy, the gas station, the grocery stores, medical facilities, first responders, police, firefighters, and so on – while at the same time putting themselves more at risk of exposure because of where they work and the number of people they come in contact with every day.

No matter how careful we all are about wearing masks, social distancing of at least 6 feet (or more if you can), using disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer, and some are better about this in public than others, the risk is heightened for those in many jobs.

Have you said “thank you for what you are doing” or “thanks for all of your help, we appreciate you?”

Try it. I make a point every time I go to the grocery store or the local CVS (and it’s not often) to say THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU ARE DOING, and smile (even though those masks hide our wonderful smiles!!). And there may be people behind the scenes helping out, too, like all the teachers helping our children to continue learning!

And how about reaching out to someone who needs help in some way or supplies – toilet paper, food, a quick errand, a meal, suggestions on where to buy certain things, extra sanitizer. It’s easy to do and it feels good (and you know if you have been on the receiving end, right?).

It’s been wonderful to see how so many people reaching out and finding ways to be helpful to those in need, simply because they can and a simple act of kindness feels so good. You just never know how meaningful it might be for someone.