The Carlsbad Village Lifestyle is… (slideshow)

The Carlsbad Village lifestyle is many things, and offer a wide range of options depending on what your lifestyle preferences are.

There is abundant dining, with a wide variety of foods, prices, venues, and atmospheres. No matter what your mood, you’ll likely find something to suit your fancy. Consider making reservations on Friday and Saturday nights if they accept them. Check out this list of Carlsbad restaurants.

The Carlsbad beaches are wonderful…all 7 miles of them..and the beach is readily accessible from the Village in many places (you can expect some stairs).

If you like to shop, or just window-shop, there’s plenty of that, too – galleries, clothing and secondhand clothing stores, art, music, chocolate, coffee, jewelry, wine…the list goes on.

Here’s a small glimpse into the Carlsbad Village lifestyle. Check it out. I’d love to hear what YOU love about Carlsbad Village – you can add your comments below.