DAY 13 – The Carlsbad Farmer’s Market

NOTE:  Since I wrote this the Carlsbad Farmer’s Market has consolidated to just 1 day, Wednesday, on State Street between Grand Avenue and Carlsbad Village Drive.

This should really be 2 days, since there are 2 CARLSBAD FARMER’S MARKETS in the heart of Carlsbad Village, on Wednesdays and Saturday from 1 until 5 pm throughout the year. Vendors vary, of course, but you can always expect a range of fresh fruits and vegetables, plants and flowers, breads, and all sort of other edibles. – a tamale vendor, for example, and sometimes East African foods. You will find other products and services as well – jewelry, clothing and more.

Buying at the CARLSBAD FARMER’S MARKET does not always mean saving money as compared to some grocery stores, but the produce seems fresher and you can support our local growers. And there’s something special about wandering from booth to booth to check out what’s available and talking with the farmers about their fruits and vegetables.

The CARLSBAD FARMER’S MARKET is between Carlsbad Village Drive and Grand Avenue, at 2930 Roosevelt. Well worth a visit, every week.

Here’s a list of other San Diego area Farmer’s Markets.